Latest information and news about Riga Motor Museum, its reconstruction and other related events.

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Foreign visitors in Riga Motor Museum

Compared to the first year after the reconstruction, this year the number of foreign visitors has...


New Exhibition "The Diverse RAF"

Thursday, May 24th Riga Motor Museum will open the exhibition "The Diverse RAF", where visitors...


Riga Motor Museum has a New Ride for Santa Claus

Santa is like a Swiss knife. He can do anything - take care of the presents, bring joy to kids and...

About Us

Riga Motor Museum is portrayed by more than a hundred unique vehicles, modern exposition, accessibility for every visitor, full service for all target groups and of course passion towards antique automobiles.

Uzzināt vairāk

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New colours and design for Motor Museum’s education classroom

A new education classroom for children and youth is being created in Riga Motor Museum. The...


Reading Room Design

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Permanent exhibition

Thrilling stories about unique vehicles, eminent personalities and most important milestones in car history.

More than 100 unique antique vehicles.

Modern design, multimedia solutions and hands-on exhibits.


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Not burdened by modesty While preaching moderation, the leaders of the Soviet state and the...



The nation of handymen The Soviet people could buy only a few domestically produced models and the...



Idols and nostalgia Unforgettable cars that have become a symbol of their era.