New Exhibition "The Diverse RAF"

Thursday, May 24th Riga Motor Museum will open the exhibition "The Diverse RAF", where visitors will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the Latvian produced RAF vehicle collection.

The Riga Bus Factory (RAF) is a legend. For almost 50 years - from 1949 to 1998, the factory produced minivans. RAF's auto engineers, creating and developing different types of car bodyworks, became pioneering designers of their time throughout the entire Soviet Union. In almost the same number as passenger minivans, the RAF also produced special vehicles with customized bodywork solutions, such as emergency service vehicles, taxi, road trains, electric vehicles, campers, commercial vehicles - pickups, vans, caravans.

The Riga Motor Museum's new exhibition "The Diverse RAF" will showcase the legend's invisible side. This is the first time we will exhibit RAF special cars unknown to the general public. All these vehicles were produced in Riga, Duntes street workshops. The exhibition will continue the thematic collection of RAF cars at the Motor Museum's permanent exhibition.

In total, the exhibition will feature 6 interesting RAF built vehicles, such as the 1994 special experimental model of a car-shop, RAF summer trailer made in the 1970s and the latest development - RAF “Stils”. One of the main exhibits featured in the exhibition shall be the RAF 1 also known as RAF-ROKSANA, made in RAF's experimental workshop in 1991 in collaboration with English design company International Automotive Design.

The exhibition at Riga Motor Museum will be open until September 16th.