New exhibit: the lavish 1912. Belgian made limousine

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Riga Motormuseum, the collection is complemented with a lavish 1912. F/N Type 2400 limousine. The car was built in the historic F/N factory.

The car was bought on January 1912. in Belgium. Although there are no reliable details on the car's bodywork at the time of the sale, it became a part of Belgian collector's Jacques Vander Stappen F/N collection with an exquisite Belgian manufacturers Van den Plas bodywork. Technically it is called open drive limousine, though, visual features and details of the time of the carriages can be seen.

After the collector's death the car was sold in one of the most prestigious old car auctions -  Bonhams Paris 2019. Now the early example of the automobile has come to Latvia and at the end of April will take its place in the permanent exhibition of  Riga Motormuseum. Additionaly, it is one of the few F/N vehicle that has survived to  nowadays.

F/N factory (Fabrique Nationale dArmes de Guerre, Liege) was founded in 1889. in Belgium. At first it produced only weapons an bicyles, but starting with 1900. it turned tu manufacturing motorcycles and automobiles, which construction continued till the end of 1960-ties. Now the factory has returned to its old trade and is well known as a producer of rifleman weaponry. Interestingly,  F/N is the factory that has produced cars for the longest time in Belgium.

Meanwhile, the Belgian bodywork firm Van den Plas, founded in 1898. At first, the company builds wagons, carriages, but from 1900 it resets production and starts to make special bodies for cars. Among the company's customers are auto makers such as De Dion Bouton, FN, Minerva, Berlier and Germain. In 1910, the company sells a licence to the British and in 1913 it is an independent bodywork firm, Vanden Plas Ltd., which makes Bodies for Europe's most prominent auto makers such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler, Lagonda, Alvis, etc.

It has already been reported that in April, the Riga Motormuseum marks the 30-year anniversary and continues to present interesting facts of the museum's history, as well as news and events of the anniversary month.