Idols and nostalgia

Unforgettable cars that have become a symbol of their era.

The nation of handymen

The Soviet people could buy only a few domestically produced models and the waiting list was several years long.

Not burdened by modesty

While preaching moderation, the leaders of the Soviet state and the Communist Party do not strive to practice it themselves – their cars are always expensive and unique.

Gaining fast

A period of vigorous development in the automotive technology, from excitement to innovations.

The car – man's best friend

The car has become a part of society. Large car companies are formed. The car becomes the driving force of the economy.

For petrolheads

Speed, craze, victories and defeats – we have reached the thrilling world of motorsports. 

From wheel to automobile

“The long road to the car” is an introduction for the whole Riga Motor Mmuseum’s exposition and the automobile’s origins. The exposition showcases the humanities progress towards the creation of more and more refined means of transportation.