Antique vehicles return to Riga Motor Museum

While we continue to create the new museum’s exposition, it is also time to bring back our exhibits to the museum.

Antique vehicles, without doubt, are centrepieces of the exposition’s design. They shall be exhibited on podiums; effective lighting shall be used to accentuate the visual landscape. Multimedia solutions, graphics and additional objects shall enrich the visitors experience and generate stories around them.

Riga Motor Museums exposition space covers 4050 m2, it is placed on three floors and includes more than 100 antique vehicles. The exposition shall contain also 19 interactive workstations that will fulfil the main role in providing information.

Here visitors will have the possibility to appreciate technical and esthetical qualities of the antique vehicles, as well as explore in depth themes and topics of interest through design and interactive multimedia solutions. The main objective here is to engage the visitor in different interactivities and bring visual enjoyment.


Gallery - Antique vehicles return to the museum