CSDD client center and Riga Motor Museum receive three acknowdedgements in Riga architecture award of the year

On Monday, 3rd of October, World Architecure Day, the annual  Riga Architecture Award was given for the eleventh time.


In addition to the award of the year, Riga Architect Bureau issued ten acknowledgements for outstanding accomplishement to separate architectural objects. Three of the acknowledgements were received by a complex of buildings: the newly constructed CSDD client service center and the freshly refurbished Riga Motor Museum on Eizenšteina str. 6. The author of the awarded building complex is “Projektēšanas birojs Arhis” Ltd., the construction workds were carried out by “Skonto būve” Ltd.

CSDD and Riga Motor Museum building complex received Acknowledgement for the unification of administrative and museum fuctions and the original architectonic solution, as well as Acknowledgement for the solution of premise accessibility and the people’s acknowledgement.


Out of nearly 800 construction projects completed last year 32 were selected by the jury, but only 11 were chosen for the final. The award of the year was given to the Academic Center for Natural Sciences of University of Latvia.

The annual award of Riga Architecture has been active since 2006 in order to promote and accentuate the accomplishments in the architecture of Riga thus stimulating consistent urban developement and architect performance. The aim of the award is to initiate a professional discussion about the values of urban architecture and the criteria of urban area evaluation as well as to encourage the demand of society for a fitting living space, thus improving the understanding and participation of the society and the demand for adequate services in the field of architecture.

As it was with the previous years, the awarding ceremony was carried out in the premises that were voted winners the last year – National Library of Latvia.