New exhibition "Dreams Fulfilled" now open at Riga Motor Museum

Starting from October 13, 2017 a new exhibition featuring youngtimer vehicles "Dreams Fulfilled" is open at Riga Motor Museum exhibition hall.

In the exposition “Dreams fulfilled” we have gathered some of the most outstanding youngtimer cars that have greatly influenced auto sport, and that best show the essence of a youngtimer.

“Dreams fulfilled” also exhibits a large collection of visual materials from all of the past events, including videos of interviews with youngtimer car owners and rally participants. It allows us to get to know and better understand the whys and ways of buying a youngtimer and participation in sports events.

This exhibition also offers an exciting possibility to drive a youngtimer car in a simulator developed by 3D artist Mārtiņš Upītis, which allows one to test their skills on the Biķernieki racing track.

Vehicles made in the 1960s – 1980s are called Youngtimer cars. In the last few years these cars have become highly desirable, not only in Europe, but also in Latvia. More and more youngtimer events are being organised to show that these cars are reliable and fast over longer distances as well as suited for sports driving.

Back in 2012, Antique Automobile club of Latvia organised the first such event – Youngtimer Rally. The events that followed in the next six years (track days, hill climb races, Cars&Coffee gatherings) have been remarkably popular and varied. More than 750 different youngtimer cars have participated in these activities.