Highlights:Cars in Latvia 1920’s – 1990’s
Oldsmobile, Horch, Ford, Mercedes Benz, ZiL 111G, RAF
USA, Germany, Soviet Union, Latvia
Years:1920 – 1990

The collection of cars in Latvia from 1920 – 1990 is the biggest museum’s collection consisting of 35 vehicles of which 25 automobiles. The collection introduces visitors with vehicles that have been in use in Latvia for 70 years.

The collection displays a 1928 Oldsmobile Six that served once in Riga as a taxi, as well as a very common car on the streets of Latvia in the 1920’s – Ford mod.”A” – a fairly simple, high-quality and relatively expensive car.

The soviet automobile classic era is represented by the first “zaporozhets” – ZAZ 685 equipped with suicide doors, as well as the Moskivč 400/420 A cabrio – the first model produced in Moscows small capacity car plant. On the collection visitors can view a very well-known minibus produced in Latvia – the RAF 2203 “Latvia” and also governmental limousine – ZIL 111 G that despite its large size could reach a top speed of 170 km/h. Among the German pre-war era cars a particular attention has to be paid to the authentic, once insanely expensive Horch 830 BL and Mercedes Benz 230.