Highlights:Military vehicles
Willys Overland, GAZ, Horch, NSU, BTR, Volvo
USA, Soviet Union, Germany, Sweden
Years:1943 - 1979

The collection of military machinery includes military vehicles from the World War II and vehicles used by the Latvian armed forces after Latvia regained its independence in the early 1990s.

Some of the machinery displayed was used fairly recently in various military operations by the Latvian armed forces like the BTR 152 that once was the core of all Red army’s motorized vehicles and a Volvo 934 equipped with an impressive 10 litre diesel engine.

The II World War collection features the Red Army’s and the German Wehrmacht army’s combat vehicles. Visitors can see the father of all jeeps – the Willys MB, as well as the first soviet all-terrain vehicles produced in Gorky automobile plant and rarely found today – the GAZ 64. Quite unusual is the tracked motorcycle NSU Kettenkrad HK 101, custom built for the German army. This vehicle combines elements of a motorcycle, light car and a track vehicle.

The most exclusive military vehicle in the collection is considered the 1943 Horch 901 intended for officers of the army headquarters and field-marshals. The vehicle on display has been actively used during the 2nd World War in the Eastern front including the so called „Kettle of Kurzeme” in 1944 – 1945.