One of the Bauska Motor Museum’s objectives is to ensure a pleasant and comfortable museum visit to all our clients at any time. We are committed to making our collection, building, events, and services accessible to all audiences.


The Museum’s collections located in the first floor are accessible to wheelchair users and other visitors who need to avoid stairs. Unfortunately the temporary exhibition hall and the conference hall located in the second floor is not accessible with wheelchairs.

Cashier desk / Info centre

Tickets can be bought at the cashier desk. Here visitors can also book guide services, obtain necessary information about the exposition, additional services and events. The cashier desk is located at the museum’s first floor at the entrance.

Accessible toilets

There are accessible toilets in the first floor of the museum.

Free of charge Tickets

Free of charge tickets are available for 1st group disabled visitors, disabled children. A companion ticket is also provided free of charge.

Free of charge tickets are also provided for 2nd and 3rd group disabled persons.


Located in front of the museum and free of charge our parking offers easy access to the museum. There are a limited number of parking spaces available for disabled visitors to the Museum.